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taking the next step...

Building on the success of the NZ Voice Academy beginners course, this new series of stand-alone VO courses are designed for students who are working in the industry and want to be challenged - to take the next step and lift their performance in once aspect or increase their entire skill set.

While there are no pre-requisites for this course, it is advisable that you have completed prior voice courses or have some industry experience. This is not the beginners course (found here) but is designed for working pro/am voice artists to take it to the next level...

The workshops are individual stand-alone workshops on consecutive days, allowing you to complete as much or as little as you like in one long weekend. The investment is $450 +gst  per day which includes lunch and snacks and refreshments throughout the day.
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Here are the three different day workshops:



In this day long creative workshop, Toby Ricketts & guests will conduct a masterclass in straight 'Voice over'. We will be tackling a variety of real world scripts, different reads, different deliveries, focusing only on technique and performance. There will be some theory, but the emphasis will be on practical application with plenty of in studio time and group performance.

We will be working in the following areas; 
- Explainer videos, 
- Audiobooks, 
- Commercials, and
- Documentaries

If you've ever wanted to take your work to the next level, this workshop will test you and make you rethink how you approach scripts.

Investment: $450 +gst 

January 26th 2019
June 1st 2019

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In this day long creative workshop, Toby Ricketts & Andie Spargo will explore the world of character voices.

Everyone loves to do impressions, but how does a professional voice actor go about coming up with original characters? We will speak with industry expert Lani Minela live from San Diego (bring your questions), and spend a day creating and playing with new and interesting characters.

There will be a balance of individual time in the studio versus group reads, to see how your character plays with others.

Finally we will give you a brief and ask you to create a character that you can take home at the end of the day and add to your collection of other silly voices!

Investment: $450 +gst +booking fee

January 27th 2019
June 2nd 2019

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In this day long technical workshop, Toby Ricketts will teach you about the physics of sound, the equipment we use to capture sound, how it all works together, how to set up your own high-quality voice studio, and how to get the best out of gear you already have. He will also cover advanced editing techniques, how to get the best sound using EQ and compression, and how to make your auditions stand out from the crowd.

If you have your own gear - bring it along, and Toby will help you get the most out of it! Bring any problems, issues or questions to have them analysed and answered during the workshop.

Whether you already have a studio setup, or are just looking to invest now, this workshop will give you the knowledge to make the right choices.

Investment: $450 +gst +booking fee

January 28th 2019
June 3rd 2019

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