Precourse theory:

Anatomy of the voice, how we make sound. Relaxation and breathing

Learn how we humans make sound. What can affect our voices, and how we can relax and breathe to make sure our voice is in top form no matter what is going on or how we feel.

Studio Ettiquette and professionalism

This part of the course will let you know what is expected from directors, producers and sound engineers when you get into the studio. Answers to questions such as:

Should you stop half-way through a read if you think it's going badly?
Should you adjust the stand if the microphone is the wrong height?
What are directors expecting in those high-pressure voicing situations?

In-studio theory and practical:

Care of the voice and general speech

Learn how to take care of your voice and to maintain it it peak condition, and learn about how you talk - whether you have any issues with 'clicking' or any impediments and how to overcome them

Interpreting the creative

This section will cover how to bring a script to life - how to turn words into a story. It's amazing what different stories you can tell by putting different emphasis on different words. Learn how to weave magic into words and express words in different ways.

How the industry works

The world of voice-over is a complex one, and it is changing all the time. Find out about how the industry work and how people are employed to read voice-overs - everything from lift announcements to radio commercials, to YouTube videos.

With new online avenues opening up  you can record for directors around the world from your own home studio - we'll tell you how.

Basic studio engineering

Find out what you need to record yourself at home. Learn the tips and tricks of the studio engineers to make your voice sound great in online auditions.


Become someone else with your voice. The amazing thing about radio and voice recording is that you can conjure up entire worlds and characters just by altering your voice. These skills are useful for actors, audio-book readers, aspiring animation voices and general commercials.


Sounding good?

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