Extremely good: generous, encouraging, challenging and left me wanting more and I was very fortunate with my fellow students from whom I learned a lot as well. The tutors were sincere and engaged; and our course leader, Toby, was an inspiration. Count myself very lucky to have done the course.
— Michael Parker, September 2019
I Just wanted to say the voiceover course totally made a big impact in my life!

I just got offered my 11th job through voices.com (small gigs but they make me happy!) and it’s something I still really love doing part time.
— Giselle Rasquinha - June 2019
The course was useful for explaining how to break into the voiceover industry, but most of all, was invaluable because of the feedback you get from professional voiceover artists after a read. It’s a fun, informative and safe environment to explore where your voice would be best positioned in the industry.
— Nick Contreras - September 2019
This course was amazing - it’s a no-bull 100% useful introduction to the world of voiceover that you can use to start working immediately. You’re in a professional sound studio, recording from the first hour and getting direct, tailored feedback on your performances from full-time voice professionals with a national profile. I now have a much clearer idea of my strengths and weaknesses as a voice artist and what types of jobs my voice is most suited to. I also came away from the course with a solid understanding of how to approach the technology involved as well as the scope of the industry and where I might fit. Best of all I have a reel mastered by a pro. I would enthusiastically recommend the course to anyone who wants to find out more about their potential as a voice artist or extend their range - its worth every dollar.
— Lyn Collie
The Voice Academy weekend was excellently structured and broken down for all levels to learn from. From the first email telling us what we need to bring to the last email with our voice reel attached.
Toby and Gavin organized both days very punctually with three highly professional and inspiring voice artists to learn from, taking us through a step by step learning process which smoothly came together via tutorials with handouts and practical sessions in the recording studio. Progressing through day one and into day two learning essential skills for future improvement and to help put together our over all voice reel. Andie and all the tutors were informative, knowledgable and adaptable catering for all levels of student from beginner to semi professional.
— Jahgo Williams
The course was well worth attending, the knowledge it provides on technique and direction as well as how the industry works is incredibly insightful, and everyone’s so encouraging and patient. Overall it’s an amazing learning environment and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to make that first step into the world of voiceover!
— Daniel Mason - April 2019
Voice Academy July 2015 (1 of 8).jpg
Voiceover was more challenging than i originally thought. Had loads of fun and started to relax and open up on the second day :)
— April 2019
It’s a great way to learn about voice acting without the pressure of paying clients
— Keith Loh