Tutors for the 2018 New Zealand Voice Academy are:

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LEAD TUTOR: Toby Ricketts - Toby ran the first voice school back in 2005. He's been a sound engineer recording his own and others' voice overs for over 15 years and is working full-time exclusively as a voice over for the last 5 years working with clients such as Facebook, Samsung, BMW, Nike, Intel, Audi, Cisco, Spotify, Pandora, and Microsoft to name a few. Working locally with a global market in British, Australian, New Zealand and American accents, Toby has learned a great deal about the ins and outs of the industry, and is now a specialist voice recording professional with a great deal of experience in online voice overs. He is a worldwide top100 voice with both Voices.com and voice123.com, as well as being a successful voice with both Bodalgo.com, TheVoiceRealm.com and VoiceArchive.com

Toby has recently won 4 awards at the One Voice Awards in London, including Male Voice Over of the year 2018.


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John Sweetman - Some say he is the invisible TV star. His voice is ever present on TV3's transmission but you will never see his face on screen. John has been the corporate voice for the TV3 since they first went to air in 1989. When the channel needs to say something without reverting to a talking head on screen, John delivers the message. Whether its a promo for an upcoming program, a sponsors mention, a warning of adult content or announcing who will be presenting the news, it will be John's voice you will hear. He has performed a similar role on radio for the Classic Hits radio network and Solid Gold. He coaches other voices in effortless expression and specializes in techniques to get messages into listeners' hearts so that they are moved by them. 

Andie Spargo - Andie is one of the founding members of The Court Jesters, the improvisation and corporate entertainment arm of the Court Theatre. He is also a member of The Outwits, who have been labelled “the best MC’s in NZ” more than once. He has been a professional entertainer for over 20 years, as well as being an accomplished copywriter, voice over artist and smarty pants. Happiest wearing a false moustache and adopting a ridiculous accent, he has created bespoke characters for Coca Cola, Air New Zealand, Vero, Apple, Vodafone, Yellow and Uno Loco. He knows how to work a crowd, adopt a brand voice and be an unforgettable ambassador for your business, product or cause.

Sarah McLeod - Sarah has owned the voice agency Bigmouth Voices for the last five years. She is also an actress and voice over artist so knows about both sides of the microphone.  Sarah brings a wealth of hands on experience to The Voice Academy and has lots of insights into what clients are looking for, how to take direction and how to best promote yourself in the world of VO.